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The 2012 Shamong Township Tax List has been published and is available for inspection at the Shamong Township municipal building.  The reassessment is now concluded with the exception of the appeal process.  If property owners wish to file an appeal with the Burlington County Board of Taxation, they must do so by May 1, 2012.  Generally, the appeal deadline is April 1st; however, the appeal deadline is extended to May 1st during a reassessment or revaluation year.


The Petition of Appeal forms are available on the Township website.  Property owners are encouraged to carefully read all of the instructions that are attached to the Petition of Appeal.  The appeal process is a fairly informal process that provides property owners with an opportunity to show evidence and  provide testimony to the Burlington County Board of Taxation.  The Shamong Township Tax Assessor encourages property owners who file appeals to arrange a meeting to discuss the appeal prior to the hearing.


Please remember that the valuation date for the reassessment is October 1, 2011.  The County Tax Board will not accept sales or listings that occurred after that date as comparable sales.  You must submit evidence (comparable sales) at least seven days prior to the hearing date and taxes must be current by the hearing date. 


Any property owner who has questions regarding the appeal process should contact the Shamong Township Tax Assessor at 609-268-2377 Ext. 5 on Tuesday evenings between 5:00pm and 8:00 pm, or the Burlington County Board of Taxation at 609-265-5056.


Reassessment valuation letters were mailed out to property owners.  Letters include the old assessment/tax information and the new assessment/estimated tax information.  The 2012 tax rate will not be established until July/August 2012.  The estimated taxes that appear on the value letters is based upon the 2011 budget information.  This information illustrates what your taxes would have been if the reassessment had been implemented in 2011. 




Please click below to view the power point presented at the Indian Mills Memorial School on January 24, 2011.


For access to all current tax files please visit the NJ Association of County Tax Boards website at:                                      

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