Shamong Township

Shamong Cares

Zoning Map & Forms

Please refer to the attached Zoning Map.  Please refer to the key at the bottom of the map to identify the zoning classification for a specific area.

All township ordinances are available from the home page of the township website.  Please click on "Township Ordinance" on the left column of the home page and use the search engine provided to access the zoning regulations you are inquiring.

If you have a specific question to ask the Zoning Official, please download the Zoning Inquiries form from this page and mail into Chuck Schmidt in our Zoning department or if it is easier, fax in the form to 609-268-2701.  Please note there is a $50 fee if you require a written reply to the inquiry.

Zoning Permit applications are also available on this page.  Please note there is a cost of $50 per permit.


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